My Reads

Since logging the books I’ve read on Goodreads, 100 have been completed, of which 99.9 percent were novels, a couple of them were beekeeper textbooks because I was studying for an exam — passed it then returned to reading novels, mostly mystery novels. Although, a couple of romance mysteries sneaked on the list; but they were mysteries, too.

My first post was on February 11, 2014 (that’s the earliest date on GR so I’m taking that as my first listing). Although some of the books I listed had been read earlier, most of them came from the Stanly County County Library, but a few had been in my home library (You know, the ones you’re gonna read one of these days; well, that day finally came for me.) As I said, some of the dates may not be accurate but I have read the books.

Based on today’s date, July 22, 2014, (24 weeks/100 books) that’s 2.4 books a week. Not bad for someone who used to feel guilty about reading for pleasure. I had studied text books for so many years I felt guilty every time I read for pleasure. Weird I know, but, hey, what can I say. No body said I was normal. (If that is normal.) I’ve overcome the guilt and am thoroughly enjoying reading for pleasure.

I say pleasure, ha. I’ve been working on writing novels off and on since 1993. Silly me, I thought I could learn by reading how-to books instead of reading novels themselves. My Goodreads log has taken care of that.

How could I possibly write a novel if I didn’t read them? Somehow in my brain, I got the idea that I could maintain the thought process long enough and completely enough to write a novel. But once I got into it, I discovered that was so much more to telling a story. So much more.

I even thought I would write a few reviews of the books I had read. I tried once or twice but discovered that it took so much thought process than I had planned on exerting. I decided I didn’t want to spend that amount of energy on writing a review that I felt wouldn’t really lead me to what I wanted to get out of reading so many books. (Yes, I know it would have learned but I’d rather spend the time working on my project than writing reviews.)

I was reading these books for my own reasons not those of a reviewer.

Speaking of which, since I’ve now read 100 novels and have a much better grasp on the process, it’s time I got back to work on my own projects.

I will continue reading so many books because I’ve learned about so many wonderful authors with an array of styles and complexities.


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